Electrical Installations & Automation
The field of electrical installations and automation is one of the newest areas of activity of our company. It was a natural next after a series of successful deliveries of turnkey solutions.


In each key turn solution project we undertake the installation of electromechanical equipment and automation.


After each maintenance or installation of equipment we provide supervision services to fully cover settings and


Offering partners complete solutions, value engineering and added value of their infrastructure


Έκτακτη ανταπόκριση στα πλαίσια των προγραμματισμένων συντηρήσεων της βιομηχανίας και άμεση παρουσία στην αποκατάσταση βλαβών.

From small individual machines to large assemblies of industrial machines, our company undertakes the implementation of any application, always guided by the implementation times, quality and reliability. Today our company has a complete and well-organized Technical Department, which is staffed with specialized personnel undertakes the execution of specialized and complex electrical projects, offering customers complete solutions, value engineering and added value of their infrastructure. The company offers complete solutions of high quality and security. Facilities:
  • Electrical installations of building projects
  • Electrical panels.
  • Industrial electrical installations.

With the aim of repairing and maintaining automated installations - parts or assemblies - we undertake installation, installation, adjustment, control, connection and disconnection of devices, use of instruments or tools, supervision, maintenance - repair in automated installations. Services include operational testing and on-site configuration of electrical, telecommunications and automation, through complete integration of equipment, commissioning and start-up. Disciplined and integrated processes, software, workflow focus, cost management and security make Anagnostou an ideal partner.


  • We design and develop complete systems for controlling processes or facilities with the least human intervention. Our systems aim at increasing production rates and productivity, ensuring the efficient use of equipment, reducing waiting times and improving product safety and quality. Our systems are based on controllers and each one is tailored to your requirements for maximum ease of use and efficiency.
  • Our work does not end with the plan, as far as the installation of an industry or an industrial department is concerned. We have the know-how and extensive experience required to provide system boot services to ensure that your industrial system is up and running quickly and properly.
  • Our engineers inspect all components and equipment to ensure proper operation of an industrial equipment and system. We have direct cooperation with the people in charge of the installation project and we verify that each stage and system works as planned.

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