Pressure Vessels Reactors Boilers Alternators

Pressure Vessels Reactors Boilers Alternators

Pressure Vessels

One of the activities of Anagnostos is the construction of pressure vessels, after Study and Design of our engineers, meeting the requirements of the customer.

The containers are designed and manufactured using computer programs and based on international standards.


For the needs of chemical processes and depending on the requirements of the customer in the respective industries, the company Anagnostou has experience in the construction of reactors, either liquid phase in stirred containers or in pulp phase (pat reactor).

Boilers & Heat Exchangers

The long-term activity of the company as a construction and maintenance contractor in the chemical, petrochemical and refinery industries, led it to a rich experience in heat exchange machines, with constructions and repairs of heat exchangers. In addition, we are active in the complete construction of medium and high power boilers.


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