Construction and Erection

Construction and Erection

Having specialized and experienced Certified Engineers, we undertake on the one hand the study, on the other hand the construction and erection of metal buildings. In this context, the construction includes industrial buildings, as a necessary infrastructure for the installation of machinery, or independent composite metal buildings.

As ANAGNOSTOU, we undertake all the following stages of a construction industrial project

  • Process Study: Assess the validity of the processes based on current regulations and needs. Conditions for the use of available equipment, materials and purchase costs are created.
  • Material supply: The necessary materials are determined as well as the required specialized workforce.
  • Prefabrication: Existing conditions are investigated in the real area and unexpected situations and environmental challenges are calculated.
  • Construction - Execution: Establishment of temporary storage facilities, establishment of programs and security regulation.
  • Performance & Proper Operation: The systems and equipment of the facilities are checked for proper operation. Customer staff training for operation and maintenance
  • Project delivery: Completion of contractual obligations and preparation of a project completion report. Delivery of project according to the current contract, provision of guarantees.

  • Anagnostou company gathers a wide portfolio of industrial and general constructions in the Greek and international space of industry. Indicatively, the main types of constructions of our company are:

    Industrial Boilers (Boilers)
    Tanks (Tanks) (according to API)
    Storage Tanks (Storage Tanks) (common steel and INOX)
    Transportable Tanks (Mobil Tanks)
    Chemical Industry Reactors (Reactors)
    Chemical Towers (Towers)
    Cyclones and Gas Pipelines (Cyclons & Ducts)
    Piping (common steel and INOX)
    Pressure vessels according to PED, ASME
    Alternators (Exchangers) of common steel and INOX
    Conveyor Belts (Conveyors)
    Lifts (Elevators)
    Gates of Hydroelectric Stations
    Thermal power station pipelines and chimneys
    Construction and Installation Port Cranes and Port Works
    Construction and Installation of Wind Turbines
    Construction and Erection Metal Buildings and Construction Works
    Metal Construction and Erection Film bridges and Pipe Bridges
    Construction Composite Buildings and Prefabricated Homes