Project management

We have a proven ability to run multiple projects in parallel, according to the required specifications.

Project management is one of our main services, helping our clients, offering our consulting services, flexibility, technological excellence and our construction capabilities.

Anagnostou aims to meet the requirements and expectations of each project, having comprehensive services for the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques during the execution of activities of each project. For over four decades, our practical experience and skills in new construction techniques have made our company innovative in specialized industries.


Experience in a wide variety of projects covering a wide range of industries, we offer the most advanced services from the design, supervision and management of a project.


In all phases of the life cycle of a project, we seek to provide solutions, taking into account the needs of the client, in order to integrate them into the final result.


Our business axis is environmental and energy awareness, quality, functionality, economy, ease of maintenance, operational reliability, and aesthetics.


Modern information technology applications, through which our work becomes more flexible and efficient, serve as support for a perfect and quality result.

Construction techniques

Depending on the needs of each project, our company is able to offer innovative solutions that use highly specialized techniques and require strong engineering, quality control, assurance and cost management. In this field we continue to develop new technologies in order to offer the best assurance to our customers.

Subcontractor management

The management of subcontracting structures, in the field of administration and coordination of work, is a key element for the efficient and rapid completion of each project. With a specific subcontracting strategy during the design and preparation of each project, to ensure a smooth development throughout its implementation.



  • Project feasibility study
  • Project evaluation
  • Feasibility study
  • Project design & implementation
  • Procurement resource planning
  • Project management with specialized tasks
  • Residential, industrial and commercial buildings
  • General supervision and construction planning
  • Budget maintenance and project accounting.
  • Site supervision
  • Security control and coordination
  • Impartial quality control
  • Inspections

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