Anagnostou D & Co. LTD has an Occupational Health and Safety Policy that covers all employees employed in its projects and activities. We comply with the rules of the Greek legislation on health and safety in order to avoid injuries and accidents, applying the Health and Safety Management System according to the ISO 45001 standard and the European Union Framework Directive on Safety and Health at Work (Directive 89/391 EEC).

Safety is at the heart of our efforts to ensure the health and physical integrity of our people and we are all responsible for creating a safe workplace. Through training and communication, we empower our people to foster an accident-free and safe work environment and culture.

Occupational Doctor

There is an occupational doctor who carries out regular medical examinations for staff and deals with any health issues that arise in the workplace.

Safety Technician

The safety technician provides the employer with written or oral advice and suggestions on matters relating to the health and safety of workers and the prevention of accidents at work. The safety technician shall record the written instructions in a special book of the undertaking, which shall be kept in a booklet and shall be indexed and checked by the Labour Inspectorate. The employer is obliged to take note of the instructions entered in this book by signing it.

Before starting work, all employees are informed of the basic health and safety rules and the risks and safety measures relevant to their work.

All employees receive systematic information on occupational health and safety issues and occupational hazards and exposure levels to harmful agents are continuously identified and reassessed and measures are taken to control and reduce them.

All employees are provided with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for the work they are engaged in to ensure zero accidents, injuries or damage to equipment and facilities.

All workers have access to appropriate rest, hygiene and first aid facilities.

The company implements procedures for reporting and monitoring occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace.

Living conditions

Accommodation, where and when provided to workers, shall comply with health and safety rules and meet workers' basic needs for personal space and privacy.

The company provides meals (one meal) on site in cooperation with a local catering company.

Accident Risk Management

We are committed to protecting workers on our construction sites and during transport. Thus, there is a hired bus that transports workers daily to our site in Skouries, Halkidiki. We incorporate safety into our daily operations at every level and apply appropriate protective measures in accordance with applicable legislation.

Physical Safety of Facilities and Workers

The Company shields with technical means the perimeter security of the facilities from external threats while ensuring the uninterrupted work of employees in the area without unwanted external interference.

First aid

The company's facilities are fully equipped with first aid kits, and first aid courses are often held for staff by professional rescuers.

Fire safety

Our Company has certified active and passive fire protection equipment (fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire blankets, etc.) that is regularly maintained and inspected by a specialised external partner.


Each year, the Company provides the necessary resources for all employees working on its projects to participate in training activities related to this Policy.

Emergency - evacuation

In the event of an emergency (earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) where there may be a risk to the physical integrity of employees, an evacuation plan is in place and an evacuation point and an evacuation officer have been designated.