Environmental policy Anagnostou D. & Co. LTD

Sustainability is one of our fundamental policies. Our company offers a comprehensive range of precision machining and metal fabrication solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, practical and cost-effective.

We recognise the importance of sustainable environmental protection, comply with environmental regulations and legislation and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Due to the varied nature of our operations, priorities are constantly changing, and we strive to make increasing use of electronic and technical resources from skilled personnel to produce the best possible result at the highest possible quality with the necessary materials.

Aware of our environmental commitments, Anagnostou D. & Co. LTD continues to invest in equipment and processes that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and energy consumption.

We permanently aim to reduce the production of pollutants in water, land and air as well as to actively seek new and more environmentally friendly materials to assist in the production process.

All materials and products we use in our production area are certified and environmentally friendly, reflecting our commitment to environmentally friendly processes and practices.

Our environmental goals are achieved through:

  • Compliance with all relevant regulations concerning waste and prudent environmental management.
  • Minimising waste production, re-using and recycling where possible, and thereby reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Taking reasonable and practical measures to reduce noise emissions from our operations.
  • Actively encouraging our employees to suggest ways in which we can further improve our environmental performance.
  • Ensuring that every employee is aware of the importance of their individual role in protecting the environment.
  • Ensuring that our suppliers and contractors meet our environmental standards.
  • Listening and responding to feedback provided by our customers on environmental issues.
  • Critically reviewing our environmental management system at least once a year.

Local community

The Company maintains open channels of communication with the local communities where it operates, implements projects with full respect for them and consults with local stakeholders on the prevention and mitigation of any impacts of its activities.

More specifically, in the context of increasing the use of alternative forms of energy, our company has installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of its facilities, with an energy Net Metering of 60kWh.

In the 30 acres of its facilities, dozens of evergreen and fruit trees, windbreaks and plants, as well as a vegetable garden have been planted, increasing the green cover and creating a pleasant environment through the improvement of the microclimate.

In these areas it uses a micro drip irrigation system (micro drip), significantly reducing the waste of water resources.