The company

The company "Anagnostou"

is one of the most established companies in Northern Greece, which offers integrated construction services.

Profile - Values

The company "Anagnostou" has been active for 50 years in the field of construction-erection of industrial equipment and metal structures. Today it is one of the most important construction companies in Northern Greece, offering comprehensive technical services in Greece and abroad.

We apply innovative design-construction strategies and efficient management procedures for the implementation of modern and complex projects according to the requirements. The essential support of our partners at all levels, is a priority of our business. The continuous investment in our human resources and in the mechanical equipment of our factory, is a non-negotiable value of Anagnostos.



Based on the technical requirements of each customer, the company undertakes projects in specialized areas such as:

  • Design, construction and erection of metal buildings, sheds, crane bridges.
  • Metal infrastructure constructions of industrial units for support of mechanical equipment (Pipe Racks, Platforms, Steel Structures).
  • Specialized metal constructions according to the design and designs of the customer.
  • Design, construction and installation of mechanical equipment for industries (steel, chemical industries, food industries, etc.)
  • Permanent or periodic maintenance and replacement of mechanical equipment of these industries.
  • Industrial boilers.
  • Piping and pipeline networks
  • Wind turbine pylons
  • Hydroelectric power stations.
  • Port projects and installation of port cranes
  • Maintenance of port cranes
  • Large metal dams / water dams


Human resources - Our team

Anagnostou is constantly evolving in the range of know-how in the field of construction, human resources and productive capacity. Having as a culture hard work and professional development, we are committed to being a reliable and flexible partner, capable of carrying out any project.




The company "Anagnostou" was founded by Anastasios Anagnostou based on the basic values ​​of teamwork, integrity and dedication.

The persistent work, the high quality of the services and the immediate response to the needs of the customers developed the company, offering work to dozens of families and creating model projects in the industrial - construction sector of Greece.

Over time, the management naturally passed into the hands of the next generation, Dimitrios Anagnostou and Ioakeim Anagnostou, along with the accumulated experience and solid foundations for a stable development and presence in the field of construction.

Today, we are moving with:

  • Priority to the needs of our customers.
  • Business ingenuity
  • Scientific accuracy and innovation
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Guided investment in our people
  • Creating confidential relationships with customers

The company develops its dynamic course by expanding its building facilities, converting its mechanical equipment to modern and specializing the staff, to the extent that it can respond to the implementation of even the most demanding projects.


Organization chart